Hard to believe, but passwords may go the way of the rotary phone.  And soon.  Instead of signing in with a login and password, the newest version of Microsoft Windows 10 will text a code to your phone. 

Most of us are familiar with this as two-factor authentication.  However, this is a bit different. Users will create a Windows account with their phone number. The user then receives a code via text to that phone. After entering the code, Windows Hello will allow the user “to set up a PIN, fingerprint, or face login method.”  The really cool thing is this:  you won’t need to enter a code each time you log in—you just need to receive the code on your phone.  No more crazy passwords?! 

This does beg the question, ‘what if I don’t have a cell phone?’ or ‘what if I don’t want to use a cell phone for this?’  Well, there isn’t a good answer to that, just yet.

Microsoft Windows 10 seems to present a potentially more secure login method.


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