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Protecting Patient Information




Government security requirements are stringent, but we can take care of the headaches for you.

At DSAT, we have the experience and expertise to help you through the toughest components of HIPAA and HITECH, NIST 800-171, DFARS, GLBA, GDPR and others in a way that reduces the administrative burden on you and your staff. If you are like most businesses, you know that your systems and staff are probably not fully compliant but you try your best. Here at DSAT we help clients, just like you, meet the security and privacy provisions of the various government regulations to give you peace of mind.  Partnering with us identifies vulnerabilities and improves your security posture using a comprehensive approach. In healthcare, patients are recognizing which healthcare providers are serious about securing their information and which ones aren’t. They rely on you to keep their private information secure and you have an obligation to them to do so.

  • Use our HIPAA First Software to do your Risk Assessment.
  • Determine your level of risk.
  • Use the Risk Assessment to shore up your deficiencies.
  • Complete your Policies & Procedures documentation.
  • Store your HIPAA related documents in the dashboard.
  • Use the Forms Library to complete your documentation.

Once your documentation is complete, you are well on your way to compliance. It is mandatory to do a Risk Assessment once per year or after a significant change in your infrastructure. (Moving to a new EMR package is one example of a significant change.) Keep this documentation safely stored in your HIPAA First dashboard for easy retrieval. Ensure that your staff are familiar with your policies and procedures. (Your policies and procedures mean nothing if you don’t follow or enforce them.) Now you can demonstrate to others that you take security and privacy seriously.

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