Here are a few things to keep in mind while securing your data:

Back it up: Data needs to be backed up on a server, offsite, or in the cloud. Backups are invaluable in cases of a breach, hardware crash, fire, flood, or other natural disaster. Having a good, recent backup can literally keep your business “in business.” Have an automatic backup schedule.
Limit Access: Make sure use a tiered user management permission configuration to limit access to a need-to-know basis.
Anti-Malware/Anti-Virus Software Updates: Always run the updates to get the latest patches.
Secure Cyber Liability Insurance: Insurance can help protect your business, and keep it running, in case of a security breach.
Employee Training: Many don’t know that one of the top threats to the security of business data is the employee at the keyboard. Training on phishing, spam, and fraud can help secure your data.
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