HIPAA / HITECH Compliance Software

Your Compliance Dashboard

Do you know your level of compliance? With the “HIPAA First” application, you’ll know your level of compliance at a glance. Once you have taken your Risk Assessment (which is required at least once per year), colorful graphs will show where you are compliant and where you are deficient. Our HIPAA consultants will help guide you through the setup of HIPAA First and cover each compliance requirement that you will need to address.

HIPAA First helps you develop a SECURITY FIRST mindset. Your staff should be thinking of the patient’s right to privacy alongside the patient’s health concerns. You also need to ensure that your business associates are looking out for your patient’s privacy as well and we can take care of that for you. HIPAA First provides a framework for you to start building a level of confidence in your compliance efforts. Call 1-800-864-4787 or email contactus@dsatek.com to schedule a free initial consultation.


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