What Happens if I Lose my Data?

What Happens if I Lose My Data? Your data is the life blood of your company.  What happens if you can longer access your Point of Sales information?  Your bills and invoices? Payroll information? The aftermath of data loss can be catastrophic. Some...

What To Do After a CyberAttack

According to  CyberArk Global Advanced Threat Landscape Report 2018, almost half of all organizations do not make substantial changes to their security strategy even after a cyber attack. The report suggests that many businesses feel hopeless against the...

$31,000 fine for missing BAA

According to Healthcare IT News, Center for Children's Digestive Health shared PHI with FileFax, but didn't have a BAA in place when it shared patient information with a business partner. "The Center for Children’s Digestive Health, a small, for-profit pediatric...

HIPAA Compliance — Notes from the Field

Advances in security technology and increased governmental cybersecurity initiatives have not been enough. Attackers will not abandon their pursuit of unprotected patient data and they are getting more sophisticated every day. According to the Identity Theft Resource...


In healthcare, there is a lot of excitement surrounding “Predictive Medicine”. This new approach uses analytics to pinpoint treatments that might have not been previously considered.


If you don’t give a flip about HIPAA, we understand. To many people it seems like unnecessary and burdensome regulation. However, it does force us to recognize that security and privacy is not always our first priority.

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