HIPAA Training

The summer can be a great time to get your HIPAA training completed. We offer fast, easy, and very affordable video-based training. Contact us today to see how we can help your practice with HIPAA training or any of our other services.  

Tax Scams!

Be aware of many scams going around this tax season. Keep these things in mind: 1. The IRS won't call you.2. Dishonest tax preparers are out there. Vet out anyone who will have access to your private information.3. Watch your email for phishing scams. Don't click on...

Keeping Your Data Safe

Here are a few things to keep in mind while securing your data: • Back it up: Data needs to be backed up on a server, offsite, or in the cloud. Backups are invaluable in cases of a breach, hardware crash, fire, flood, or other natural disaster. Having a good, recent...

Teach Your Employees How to Avoid Phishing

Teach your Employees how to Avoid Phishing • Check for accurate spelling in the sender’s email address. Move the cursor over the address. If the pop-up address is different, don’t open it. • Also move the cursor over links before clicking on them. This will reveal the...

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