Data Security And Analytics Technologies


DSAT (Data Security and Analytics Technologies) was started when we realized that healthcare providers were struggling to fully embrace the HIPAA/HITECH/Omnibus rules. Healthcare providers are overworked every day and you don’t have time to stop and worry about compliance issues. Besides, you don’t need MORE things getting in the way of doing your job efficiently and all of these regulations seem like just another burden to your productivity.

As patients ourselves, we were concerned at the lack of security controls in the offices that we visited. We were also concerned at the lack of knowledge that some providers had about how to properly handle PHI. Combine this lack of knowledge with the explosion in the sophistication of hackers and the growing number of security incidents and you have a very volatile situation. This is why we developed a program to make HIPAA compliance easier than ever. Our driving passion is helping providers and their business associates create better controls in their security systems while simultaneously meeting HIPAA/HITECH requirements.

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